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Phil's POV
I kept my head on Dan's shoulder but repositioned myself to watch Jack and Dean stumble towards us.

'Jack, Dean what are you doing here?' Dan said, clearly confused, and a little annoyed at their rude and intoxicated entrance.
He appears to be in more of a confrontational mood than myself, so I'll let him do the taking, while I shut my eyes and pretended to be sleeping.
'Well Phil-' Jack said, his voice slow and slightly slurred.
'I'm Dan.'
'You sure?'
'Very much so, I'm Dan, just like I have always been, I was the one who asked you what you're doing here, this is Phil.' He put his arm around me and squeezed slightly to show them that it's me that he's talking about. 'As you might be able to see; we aren't the same person.'
'No but you two should really get together sometime-'
'Jesus Christ.' Dan said under his breath. 'We did Jack; a while ago now, we told you about it, remember?'
There was a pause. '… No.'
'Ooh pick me, I remember!' Dean shouted from slightly further away.
I felt and heard Dan sigh heavily, frustrated at how unreachable they seem to have become with the alcohol.
There was a momentary silence until that is Dan shuffled a little bit and put a hand on my jawbone.
'I think we ought to get you to bed.' He said as he tilted my head upwards and I opened my eyes again to look at him. I nodded quietly and yawned, I was about to settle myself back onto his shoulder but he managed to slip out from under my weight before I had the chance to. 'I'll get your wash bag.' He said quickly and then headed for our tent. I sat up properly and re-wrapped the blanket -that was covering both me and Dan- around just me whilst I took in the scene: Chris and Pj are still huddled together under their blanket on the other side of the fire their expressions looking as lost for words as their silence was proving them to be; Dean had at some point settled himself on the grass by the fire to my left and Jack was sitting behind him contented with fiddling with one or two chunks of Dean's hair.
Dan returned shortly after leaving, wash bags in hand. 'Come on then Phil.' He said giving me a small pat on the back that told me to stand up.
Once I had stood up completely Dan gently took my hand and walked me around to the other side of the fire where he bent down and told Pj and Chris to make sure Jack and Dean don't do anything stupid while we're away, then Dan stood up again and he began walking towards the toilet block, whilst I half walked beside him and half slept on him.
'What are we going to do Phil?' he said once we'd walked a small distance away from our tents.
'Hm, I don't know, Dan, brush our teeth?'
'No silly, not what are we going to do now, I meant what are we going to do about Jack and Dean.'
'Jean.' I mumbled tiredly mainly to myself.
'Yes jean, what are we going to do with then tonight, we don't have anywhere for them to sleep.'
'We have tents.'
'Yeah two, two person tents, we can't fit them in as well.'
'Why not?'
'Because Phil, it would be cramped and uncomfortable.'
'Then why don't we just shove them in the car for tonight?'
'We can't do that.'
'Why not?'
'Because -' he started.
'Because the car is the only covered space we have left, the seats are already ruined with the seawater so it wouldn't matter if they threw up in the night, and it'd be warmer for them so we wouldn't have to give as many blankets.' I finished.
He was quiet for a second or two as he pondered my sleepy logic. 'That's actually a good idea Phil.'
'Well I was due one.'
He laughed a little. 'You always have your best ideas when you're half asleep'
' 'm not half asleep..'
'Whole asleep?'
'I think so.'
'Fair enough, but could you just wholly wake up for five minutes?'
'Why?' I said as I opened my eyes and realised that we were in the brightly lit toilet block. 'Ah, light!' I said covering my eyes with both hands to stop the unwelcome brightness getting in.
'Yes Phil, light is here, but it's good, it'll help you clean your teeth.'
I pulled my hands down from over my eyes and blinked until the excess light had gone away.
'Do I have to?'
'Yes Phil you do, I'm not letting you get into the bed next to me with your smelly breath.'
'Thanks Dan.'
'You're welcome, now brush your teeth.'

Sometime -that was definitely longer than five minutes- later we left the toilet block, somewhat refreshed, but still tired, and by the time we had gotten about  three metres from the entrance we had managed to resume the position that we were in on the way there.
Well almost, my eyes were open this time though, I kept them focused on the campfire that we were heading for, so I'm guessing that it's ours, but it seems a lot smaller now.
There are a couple of darkened figures moving –almost dancing- around it, I assume that they're Jack and Dean, mainly because I doubt that Chris and Pj would do that.
as we approached my assumptions were proven to be correct.
Dan stopped a couple of meters short of our camp. 'Phil, I know you're tired so do you just want to go straight to bed now, just let me sort this out and I'll join you in a minute or two, alright?'
'Yeah.' I nodded I feel that I should add something but my mind's gone blank.
'Good, see you soon then.' He quickly pecked my lips with his and headed for the others around the dying remains of our fire whilst I headed for the tent that me and Dan sleep in where I slowly got changed and climbed into my sleeping bag - which can be both a lovely feeling because it's a bed a sort-of-comfortable place where the troubles of the day can be forgotten, but also horrible because it's always freezing at first and the only thing that will warm it up is me; and me really can't be bothered to put in any effort right now, so I must lie here shivering until I either fall asleep or eventually warm it up just by living.
Usually the second is easier to do because Dan's in the tent with me, even more so when we unzip the sleeping bags and sleep under the same covers, after all two bodies are better than one.

I had started to drift asleep by the time Dan came in - even despite my efforts to stay awake - he looked burnt out and almost immediately collapsed onto his bed.
I decided that was reason enough to wake myself up again.  
'Dan?' I asked rubbing the small amounts of sleep that had formed in my eyes away.
'What?' he moaned.
'You alright?'
'No; I'm flipping fed up; Jack and Dean are so bloody stubborn.'
'What happened?'
'ah lots of little things.' he yawned 'I'll tell you in the morning.'
He pushed himself up and started to change out of today's clothes, but he gave up after taking off his t-shirt and jeans when he flopped back down on top of his bed.
'So tired.' He mumbled not even bothering to get in his own sleeping bag, so I undid my own and laid it over the top of both of us.
He shuffled over a little so he could exploit some of my warmth.'This camping trip is nothing like I expected it would be.'
'Me either.'
'To be honest Phil, I think I would have preferred my expectations.'
'Yup, me too.'

Pj's POV.
I crawled into my bed next to Chris, who was sitting upright so I did the same, I still have the car keys in my hand, so I placed them gently beside my bed where I'll remember them, Jack and Dean are now asleep in the car and I doubt that they'd do much harm if they did have the keys in there but I'm not taking any chances.
'That was eventful.' I sighed.
'It was; I really didn't expect Jack to bite you like that.'
'Neither did I.' I said almost cradling the bitten hand.
'Are you sure you're alright?
I looked down at my left hand, the mark where his teeth scraped my skin is hardly visible now but I still felt it.
'It still hurts right?'
'a bit.'
'I think I could fix that.'
hi, its ~leaveittothelastmin here, filling in for Amy this time, you're all gonna start to get sick of me if this keeps up, especially since I always seem the be the one to write the parts after the long pauses, but better something than nothing eh?
Anyways, you can all look forward to the next part coming from ~opalsea and everything might fall back into the normal patterns (whatever 'normal' for this account is.)

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part 10: err .. ta dah!
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